Duke with Benefits By Manda Collins- ARC Review. Plus an exclusive excerpt!


I want to start this review off with a disclaimer.  I read and reviewed the first book in this series.  Ready Set Rogue and I loved it, in the first book we meet the four Bluestocking Heiress who inherit a house filled to the brim with not only Mystery but with anything and everything a Bluestocking could want. Now, in the first book we were introduced to the ladies and even though she was a secondary character   at the time I became a huge fan of Lady Daphne.  So, when I saw the next book was   her story I pre-ordered  it  without a  second  thought.. I went into this book with high expectations and already loving the characters.  I was not disappointed and  I don’t think you  will be  either.


Lady Daphne   Forsyth is a mathematical genius and  one of four bluestocking heiresses who inherited Beauchamp house from Lady Celeste Beauchamp.  But along with house filled everything that would appeal to a bluestocking’s heart Lady Celeste also left Daphne   a mystery the   Cameron Cipher which leads to an unimageable pile of treasure. Not only does she have her fellow Bluestockings to help her but she has Dalton Beauchamp, the Duke of Maitland nephew to the late Lady Celeste.

Daphne and Dalton are attracted to each other which is very clear and Daphne being Daphne   just tells him out right  she wants to sleep with him which I can’t blame her.  Daphne is known for basically not having a filter so she tells the Duke outright “you like me, I like you let’s bang” okay she didn’t say that exactly but still,  naturally  he’s shocked and   goes on to say he won’t bed her unless they marry. But my girl Daphne is not having   it she sees no reason why they need to marry.  At that I   was like freak in couch jumping Tom Cruise because let’s face it not every heroine wants to be married so she can bang a hot duke.  But he refuses and Daphne and I were both like “why?”

The Duke is not only a very honorable man  so  he  goes and  drops  the  “do you know how many other girls would want to be a Duchess” **raises hand**  because the man  has  point…  and I want to be  a  duchess,  can you say life goals?  Besides that   little bit of   conceded  show  The  Duke has a heart of  gold  that is  enough to  melt  the panties off  any girl,  example? when he was boy he wanted to be a stable hand but now that he had come into his title he has expanded the stables to include…. are you ready?  A place for aging horses and horses bound for the slaughter house to live out the rest of their days.  Oh, My God he is just too perfect!

I loved the how the book revolved around code breaking and explained how Daphne   could break a cipher, she had done a series of them years ago for a newspaper contest.  While we started to see the bond between the heiress in the first book this book highlighted their friendship even more and if  you love when your heroines bond with others then you are going to love this book because what better way to bond then over solving a mystery for hidden treasure and a murder…. Oh, did I forget to mention that   people   get murdered?!  Well now, how could   any good mystery not involve a murder… or two.

Topes you might like   Fake fiancé, smart fearless  heroines, female friendships.  This book would fall under the Romance/ Mystery category.  Also, this book isn’t overly sex filled so for those looking for more chemistry/banter and adventure   this book is for you.

One last thing   in the first book you could see the beginnings of   the bond between the heiress forming but now in this second book you can see it more clearly. I know that female friendships are something that some readers look for, and this book has it and the best part? These women are bonding over more than just dresses and men!

While you have probably guessed, I loved this book and loved it hard.   It’s priced at $7.99 and   it is well worth the price.   I am so excited to see what the author has in store for the remaining heiresses!



Below  you  will  find  an  exclusive  excerpt  graciously  provided  by  the  Author and  Publisher! 


“There you are, my dear,” said the Earl of Forsyth with a beaming smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Maitland saw at once that Daphne favored him. Her green eyes were the same shade as his, though there were lines of dissipation bracketing the earl’s. And though his expertly cropped blond hair was shot through with silver, what remained of its original color was the same shade as hers. But whereas Daphne’s gaze was focused off to the left of whomever she conversed with, like a bird hovering just over a branch, Forsyth’s speared one with cold calculation. As he did to Daphne now.

“You are looking well, Daphne,” the earl continued, stepping forward to embrace his daughter, who looked as uncomfortable with the contact as Maitland had ever seen her. “The sea air agrees with you. As I knew it would.”

“The sea is very beautiful,” Daphne replied woodenly. “Why are you here, Father?”

“Is that any way to greet your Papa?” the earl chided, stepping back from her and wandering farther into the room, standing to stare out at the gardens below through the window. “I’ve traveled all the way from London to see you. And this lovely estate. I must admit that when I first learned of your inheritance, I thought it was all some sort of trick. But you would have your own way and leave the loving bosom of your family no matter what I said. Now that I’m here, though, and see it in person, I must admit that it’s a lovely spot. And your chaperone, Lady Serena, is quite beautiful, isn’t she? A widow, I take it?”

His jaw clenched at the man’s mention of Serena, and Maitland thought perhaps it was time to announce himself. Daphne seemed not to realize he’d followed her in, and the earl was too busy waxing rhapsodic over the beauties of Beauchamp House.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, Forsyth,” he said forcefully, stepping up to stand side by side with Daphne. He gave a slight bow, perhaps not quite as deep as was warranted, but not caring. “The Duke of Maitland. I am a friend of your daughter’s, you might say.”

What he meant by that last, he could not say, but the man made every bit of protective instinct within him go on the alert. He was her father, but all the same Maitland knew that Daphne was no safer with him than she would have been with Sommersby if he still lived.

At the sound of the duke’s voice, Lord Forsyth turned with almost comical haste from the window and stared. For the barest flicker, he looked angry. Well, if he were upset at the knowledge that his daughter was not without friends, then he would simply have to swallow it. Because Maitland was damned if he’d leave her alone with the fellow.

“Duke,” Lord Forsyth said with a tilt of his head, “I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I was a friend of your father’s, and had little notion I’d be meeting you here. He was a good man, your father.”

His father had been nothing of the sort, but Maitland was hardly going to discuss it with Forsyth.

“I am here visiting my sister, Lady Serena,” Maitland said coolly, letting the other man know in tone rather than words that he had not appreciated the older man’s speculative words about her earlier. “And of course my cousin, Kerr. He only recently married another of the heiresses here, and resides here with her.”

Forsyth’s eyes narrowed at the implication that Daphne was well protected should her father wish to cause trouble. At least that was the message Maitland was endeavoring to send. And by the looks of it, Forsyth read him loud and clear.

“Capital, capital,” the earl said with false cheer. “A merry party you must all make here. I had no idea you were in such fine company here, Daphne. No notion at all.”

“Because we have not spoken since I left,” Daphne said, looking from her father to Maitland then back again, as if wondering what went on between them. “And now, father, I really must ask you to leave. I have a great deal of work to do and . . .”

“Don’t be absurd, Daphne,” her father said with a shake of his head. “I only just arrived. And there is something very important I must speak to you about.” He turned to Maitland with a raised brow. “I’m sure you’ll excuse us, Duke. I’m afraid what I need to tell my daughter is private family business.”

Maitland was opening his mouth to tell the man he would leave Daphne alone with him when hell froze over, when Daphne did it for him.

“Maitland stays,” she said, reaching out to grasp him by the arm. It was as much of a cry for help as he’d ever thought he’d see from her. Wordlessly, he slipped her arm into his, as if they were about to promenade round the room. He covered her hand with his, keenly aware of the thread of tension in her.

Once more, the earl’s eyes narrowed, and he turned an assessing gaze on Maitland, perhaps realizing for the first time the threat coming at him from that direction.

His jaw clenched, Forsyth said grimly, “Very well. If you wish your friend to witness our dirty linen, so be it.” As if needing to be in motion in order to speak, the earl began to pace the area between the window and the fireplace. “You know, Daphne, you left me without any obvious means of recouping what I lost from years of paying that tutor of yours, old man Sommersby.”

“You agreed to pay him,” Daphne said tightly. “After I threatened to expose . . .”

Hastily, Forsyth continued, “And I am currently in need of funds. As such, I must insist you return to London with me for the time being and meet a particular gentleman who has expressed interest in marrying you. Though his birth is not as high as yours, he’s quite wealthy and will make you a good husband, I trust. He’s assured me he has no concern about your odd ways, if you’re as beautiful as your portrait.”

Before Maitland could burst out with the string of invectives the other man’s pronouncement inspired in him, Daphne said, “I cannot marry this person. I’ve never even met him. You promised me that I would not have to marry someone for money as long as I won enough at the tables. I did so. You promised me, father.”

“I never actually promised, Daphne.” Forsyth said with a shake of his head. “If you chose to interpret it as such, that is not my fault. Now, go pack your things.”

Daphne’s hand on Maitland’s arm gripped him tightly. And before he even knew what he was doing, he said, “I’m afraid that’s impossible, Forsyth. Daphne is staying here.”

“I don’t know who you think you are, Maitland,” said the earl through clenched teeth, “but I am her father, and I am well within my rights to take her back to London. Now, kindly take your hands off of her and let her go pack.”

“It might once have been your right, Forsyth,” Maitland said coldly, “but Lady Daphne is my betrothed now and as such, she will remain here. With me.”

Copyright © 2017 by Manda Collins and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Press.

When to Engage an Earl- ARC review

I  was  given When to  engage  an Earl  by  Sally  Mckenize  by  the  publisher.  Special  thanks  to Kensington Books  for  the chance  to  review  this  title!

This book is about babies.  Holy mother of god I have never so many baby crazy people in my life.  Someone was either   having a baby, had a baby or wanted one.    Just why?  Yes, I understand   this happens but I like my romance without babies. More importantly  baby  crazy  characters.

Before you all jump on me   for hating babies.  I don’t…technically. I don’t mind    them in my romance sometimes they can even be entertaining or even charming   but babies are not the center of the universe and sadly they are   in this book.

The   hero Alex Earl of Evans   feels his biological clock ticking. Now let’s face it we all know   men of title and fortune in romancelandia   he needs to marry to produce an heir and a spare at some point.  However, this hero   had the baby bug so bad that is was ridiculous   I feel like the heroine was basically forced   to say   that she wanted   marriage and babies because everyone else was telling her   that it was   what she should want.  Jane   started  to  come off  as  strong  independent  character  until  everyone   was  all  like “  he loves  you”  “everyone  wants  to marry at  some point”   Spoiler!  No.  Not everyone  wants  to marry  or have  children. Lord Evans also disliked the  fact  that Jane was not a “restful sort of   female” in other words he was looking to marry a damsel in distress  type that he could   rule over and protect.  In  the beginning  he  was  very  big on  protecting and being manly

Then when they finally do have sex and Jane refuses to   marry him, he treats her like a prostitute and    throws money at her for her “services”.  He was an asshole. It  was  hard  to  connect either of these characters  because between the baby bug being repeated and enforced and  one character giving birth   what  should have been the main  focus of  the book  became  lost  at times turning this into a rage read for me.  Which  was  sad because  the book  held  so much  promise.

I will admit there was one likeable   thing about this book Poppy the cat, which as you can see on the cover is   watching over this hot mess. She is featured on all three book covers watching over the other couples who appear in this book  with their babies or babies in waiting, oh yes, more babies There is supernatural undertone  with Poppy that author alludes to but  never confirms. That sadly is   the end of my praise for this book.


So, here’s the deal if you like babies, heroes who want   babies more than   I  want  coffee  then this book is for you.  Because everyone in this book has them, wants them, or going to give birth to them at any second.  Then this book is for you.  If you are like me and not baby crazy in anyway shape or form then this might not be for you.

The book is priced at $4.99

The Most Dangerous Duke in London by Madeline Hunter – ARC Review.

I  was given a  copy t  The most  Dangerous  Duke  in London  By  Madeline Hunter  for  a  fair and  honest  review.


The Most Dangerous Duke in London is the first book in a new series by Madeline Hunter.  This is the first book I’ve read by her and I enjoyed it.

Adam Penrose who is the Duke of Stratton is known to be dangerous because he’s rumored to be a killer. He is back in London after leaving    for France with his mother after his father’s death. A death he blames Lady Clara Cheswick’s family for.  However, the Dowager Countess of Marwood who is the mother of the man Adam believes   killed his father wants to put   stop to Adam trying to kill her grandson or figuring out if the family was connected to the late Duke’s death.  So, she summons him to her home and throws her granddaughter at him because what better way to end a   feud than by joining two families in marriage?  Unfortunately, Adam is more interested in Clara than her sister and starts to pursue her.  The chemistry  between these  two  was just hot  from the start.

“Do not blame me for the delay in knowing my mind on the matter. There I was, making my decision about a lovely dove, when a black crow flew by and distracted me.”

Crow? Why, the—

“Then the crow flapped her wings in my face and turned her tail to fly away.” He walked over until he loomed above her. “I never stand down from a challenge, Lady Clara.”

Clara publishes a lady’s journal, thanks to being   her father’s favorite she has her own land and her own money, best of all she knows her own mind.  She was such a strong female character and just fun to read.  She  was a wonderful  character  who  had no  problems  with  showing and  demanding her  independence without  apology.

While Adam was wicked and very sexy.  During his first encounter, he threatened to use a riding crop on Clara. Which I was all there for that  even though  he  never  followed through. He was great hero   and at times a cheeky bastard which I loved him for.

This book was well written though slightly slow at times but otherwise very well done and worth the read.  I can’t  wait  to see what she has in store for the other Dukes..

So, if you love male friendships, a sexy duke, strong heroines who are all for having an affair with the sexy duke, and a good mystery.  Then this book has it.

It’s priced at $5.99

Unmasking the Earl By Elizabeth Keysain- ARC review

I  was give a  copy of  Unmasking  the  Earl  by  Elizabeth Keysain    for a  fair and honest  review.  This is  the  second  book in the  Wayward in  Wessex  series  and  can be  read as a  stand  alone.


Cassandra Blythe will do anything to win the heart of the man she loves.  Unfortunately, for her the man she loves only thinks of her as more of a sister type. So, what better way to attract a man’s attention than take seduction lessons from another man, Captain Wycherly offers to help her.  But what Cassie doesn’t count on is his   servant   always interfering in the lessons. However, Ned is no ordinary   servant   he’s really the Earl of Stranraer who is posing as servant while searching for his missing sister, which he suspects the captain has something with to do with her disappearance.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for “let me teach you seduction then switch it around” trope but this was not it. In fact, the heroine was at completely and utterly stupid, she should have never been left alone…. EVER. She   convinced she could handle the captain   and his lessons on her own, and then was shocked when he kissed her.  Really?  What did she think seduction lessons entailed?    Then when she discovers   the hero is really a gentleman in disguise she first starts to realize this by the way he wipes his mouth… I have no words.

Ned was a great hero, he was strong and smart even if he fades slightly into the back because of Cassie’s scheme.   I would have liked to see more of him flirting and being the alpha that he most certainly was.

While the premise was good   the book was slightly silly and predictable. Only toward the end did the heroine show some common sense which surprised me.   Even though I found the heroine very frustrating    for most of the book, the   writing was excellent.

If you like mistaken identities, hidden identities, a bit of a mystery and a very sexy hero this book is for you.

It’s priced at   $3.99 and won’t break your book budget.



The Seduction of Viscount Vice- ARC Review

I  was  given a  copy of this  book  by the  publisher for  a  fair and honest  review.

Summary-  Proud Scot and Fallen co-owner, Lord Iain ‘Vice’ Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club’s hedonistic shows. Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and discovers the spy is Lady Mairi MacNair—the woman who long ago broke his heart.

Born an earl’s daughter but now a seamstress, Mairi has returned to London to help open a superior pleasure club to Fallen, and finally realize her dream of being the seductive leading lady. But when she discovers her main rival is Iain, the man she loved beyond reason and was forced to abandon, she is soon caught in a web of lies, secrets, and raw, scorching passion that time hasn’t dimmed…

  Review-    I had  read and  reviewed the  first  two  books  in the  Fallen  series.  All  three  books can be  read  as a  stand alone and  in any order.  So  I  was super  excited to  get a  copy of this book.

This  book  picks up where  the last one  left  off in  that  they are in  middle of  a midsummers  eve  party  So  if  you  read  The  Devil’s  Submission  (which  omg  you  need to ….go  get it   now, I’ll wait.)  it’s  right  around  that  time frame. This  book about  Vice  who  is  the master and  star of  all  the productions  at  Fallen, in other words  he loves  to  fuck on stage  and  be watched, he  certainly  had my attention.  Some  years  ago  Viscount  Vissen  or  Vice  fell  in love  with  Lady Mairi MacNair  who is  the  daughter  of  an  Earl,  he  was love  while  Mairi  just  wanted  an  out from her  engagement to some other  lord and  used  Vice  to  ruin her  which  didn’t  go  as  planned  so  she  ran off  to Paris.

Years  later  she’s  returned  and  is  spying on  Fallen  only to be  caught  By  Vice  and this  when  things   heat  up.  I  will say  this  anytime  the  heroine   threatens  or  latterly  smacks  some  sense  into the hero   I  am   all  for it.  Lady  Mairi   kneed  him in  the  balls….  Now  you might  think  that is  brutal, and  yes  it  is  but  I  kind of  love   when something like  that   happens between  the hero and heroine.  The  friendship  in this  book is   just amazing,  you have  female  friendship, Grace and  Eliza   meet  Mairi  while they  out  shopping  and  are instantly like “you’re one of us now, so you are coming to dinner”  and  the  male  friendship/brother like  bond  between  Sin, Devil  and  Vice  is  just wonderful  I loved it  so much  and  I can   picture them  years from  now as  old men  sitting around  gossiping.  So  if  this  is  your thing  then  this  book has  it.

I really  wish  this  book had more  sex  in  it,  there I  said it.  The sex they  had  in front of  the  window…. Oh yes you  read  that  right.  It  was  hella  hot and  sexy  and I need more.  Over  all this  book  was  good and I gave it  5  stars on  goodread.  I  was  however  slightly  disappointed  because  I  wanted a little more,  so  I went  back and looked up  the  lengths  of  each  book

Surrender  to  Sin was  107 pgs long- admittedly not  my  favorite  book in the series  but  I liked it

The  Devil’s  submission   was only  83 pgs  long.  How  could  this  be???  This  book was  everything!

The Seduction of  Viscount  Vice  is  also  107 pgs.   As well.

This  is  what  happens  when a  book  or  novella  is  good, I  mean  really good   it  can  never be long enough.  Because you  never  want  it  to end.

This book   is  $1.99   which is  perfect  price   if  you  are  just  jumping  in to  the series and   don’t  want  to  break  your  book  budget,  But  trust me  you  will  end  up wanting to read  the  entire  series.



 Congratulations  to Lisa  Brown  for   winning a  copy of  Valerie Bowman’s   Never Trust A Pirate!

Never Trust a Pirate Review and My first Giveaway!!!

I  was  given  the  ARC  for  Never  Trust a Pirate  by  Valerie Bowman  for a  fair and  honest  review

Cade Cavendish  is  the  twin  of Viscount  Rafe Cavendish  who is  a  spy for the  crown,  Cade  is  basically  the   careless  brother who likes to  gamble  and  chase  women  and  just  plain  sexy and  charming  as  hell.  But maybe  not  all is  as it seems  with   Cade, yes  he’s  charming  and sexy  and  devilish  but is  he  really  a  do nothing? or is he  the  notorious  Black  Fox.   Cade who   reappeared   back in  Rafe’s  life  after a long time is out  for  vengeance  against  the  french because  ( in the  first  book  which is  Rafe’s  story)  Rafe  was  kidnapped and   tortured  by  the  french  and  therefore  Cade  hates them.

Danielle LaCrosse  is  the  new  Ladies maid  to  Lady Daphne Cavendish, she  has taken the  job to look after her  mother  who is  sick with consumption. Danielle is not what she  seems  either,  but  we  will get  to that later. Not  long  after  she  starts   Danielle  encounters  “Lord Rafe”  stumbling  through the  hall  drunk  and  singing very  badly she watches as  he goes into a  room  that  isn’t his.  Seeing this  Danielle  feels bad  for  his  wife and  goes  to   point  him toward  the  right  room  so  at least he’s  there  even if  he’s  a horrible  drunk.  But  what she  finds  is  a  cheeky charming   man who  pulls her into his  lap  just  as  Rafe and  Daphne  appear  in the  doorway  causing  all kinds of  confusion. Being  Cade  he  tells  Danielle she has  the loveliest  bottom ever  then  promptly  passes out.

Now  before I  go  any  further  let me  tell you  this which might be  a spoiler  but  if you’re like  me and  are not  a  fan  spy novels  you will thank me.  This is a spy  novel  everyone is  a  spy  Rafe, his  wife,  Danielle (she is  sent  to spy on  Cade)  Cade.  They are  spies  and  this  book is  really a  Pirate/spy  book.  So if  this not  your   thing  you are  forewarned.

So then  after  the little mix up  and   it’s  reveal  there are  two of them!  Danielle   then starts to  follow  Cade  and  get  close  to him. When I  say  get  close  I mean  they have  heart felt  talks over  drinks  in the library   which is just lovely  because  the  flirting.  Then   when  you think  Danielle and  Cade might  get  a  little  sexy  during  the midnight  dance he  promised  she  is pulled  to  go  work on  on  following a  french ship that is trying to  free   Napoleon, She  does  however  get her  midnight dance  with  Cade  and it’s  sad   holy  shit  the  feels  that  happen during this.  So  she  is put on  this  ship   as  the  cook  assistant   (of  course she is  dressed as a  boy)  To her  surprise  The  ships  captain is none other  than Cade, who  of  course can  see through her  disguise as  boy  when no one else  can  ( it’s  one of  the  superpowers  we have all come to know and love  about  our  heroes.)  Naturally  he  makes her  stay in his cabin  for  her  safety, and   of course this when   they  get  down to  business. However  Danielle  being  sensible  says   this is a no strings  attach  deal and once  they  get to  the port  there will be no more  sexy  times. Once  they  reach  port  Cade goes off with his  crew  to  brothel, leaving  Danielle  safely on  the  ship  to  wait  for their  commander who another  spy.  But  Cade wants  nothing to  do with  the  women at  the brothel because he’s    moping over  Danielle, which in  turn  gets him  kidnapped because  the  captain of the  other ship thinks he’s  Rafe  and is  all like  “I  thought I killed  you, I  guess I  get  to  try this again!”  and   well you  get  the  picture.   So  when the  commander  finally  does show up  along with  Rafe,  they  all  make  plan to  save  Cade  which  for  some  reason  involves   just beating  the hell out of Rafe. Why?!   I didn’t  get  that part, because  there was honestly no  reason  he  needed to  get the  crap  beat out of him.

Here is  what I like about the  book. It was good! like  surprisingly  good,even  when I  realized it  was a spy  book I kept  going   with it that is how much I liked it.  Danielle  is a  kickass  heroine  so   if  you like  strong women, who  don’t  really need  the  hero  but  he’s so  damn  charming why not.   this  book is for you. Also  if  you  like heroines  who are not  virgins  this  book has it !  Both  characters  are  extremely  likable,  the way they  connected, and  the way Cade went out of his  way  for her and  even  bought her  perfume  was  sweet.

What I didn’t like  about this  book   was when they were having sex, he  was supposedly  saying  naughty things to her,  I am  saying  supposedly because  we  never got  to her them. And I needed to know what he  said! I  personally like   when a  hero talks  dirty, the  dirtier  the better.

Over all this  book  was  really  enjoyable  and  the  cover  is  beautiful. I liked it  so much  that  I  went  in  search  of  Rafe’s  book  ( yes, even  though he’s  a spy  I  am  willing to  read it.)   and   That  cover  is just  sexy  as  hell  as  you  can see  below.

So one more  time, if  you love    Pirates/spies/ smugglers ( think john Lafayette,  Yul  brynner. If you haven’t  seen the  Buccaneer  do it!)  Alpha  non virgin bad ass  heroines, Twins  (because who  doesn’t love them?!)  and  Charming   rogues  then  this book is certainly a must.


Now  for  the  giveaway!  What  will you  get?  One  lucky  reader  will get  a paper back copy  of  Never Trust a Pirate. by  Valerie Bowman.  What do  you have to do to win?  Simple!  Just  tell me the last  book  that  read  you  and loved.  Easy  right?    a    Winner  will be  selected  at  random  on  May 6,2017.

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By The Hour- ARC Review

I  was  given  this  book  by the  author  for a   fair an  honest  review.

Summary- Dr. Elle McCray has a plan. Work hard. Be the best. And do it alone. After her ex-husband’s betrayal, she’s learned being feared is a hell of a lot easier than being humiliated. So when trouble personified, Lane Cannon, dares to flirt with her, she shuts him down cold. Too gorgeous. Too cocky. And his job as The Grove’s sexual surrogate is to sleep with patients. No, thank you.

Former escort Lane Cannon has spent enough years with people looking down on him. Stupid. Trailer trash. Rent boy. He’s heard it all. He’s worked too hard to shed his past to let some haughty doctor cut him down. But something about Elle’s ice queen act has his dominant instincts perking up and his body taking notice. He can’t walk away.

After an evening of verbal sparring turns into a night of steamy hate sex, Lane’s ready for round two. But Elle proposes a business deal. How better to keep things strictly physical than to pay him for his services?

Lane wants her, not her money. But he’ll play along in exchange for one thing—all the control. It’s only supposed to be a dirty little fling between colleagues, but these two are about to learn a lesson in love…by the hour.

Review-    I think  to start off with, if  you are like me  sometimes when you   read a book  you  end up  googling  the things  that  characters  do   or  talk  about.   The  things I ended up  googling  because of this book

  1. American Gigolo-  it  apparently  has a  naked  Richard  Gere  and  from  the  trail  looks just  cheesy and    I so need to watch this.
  2. Sex Surrogate- this is  a  real thing.      The  article  I  found  was interesting  and  I  admit  a little   odd,  I  couldn’t find  any  rehab sites  that offered this ( don’t  judge me)

Enough  about my nosiness   now  on to the good  part.

This  book had a  great  flow  to it, the  characters  were likeable. Lane  was   cocky, sex  and  just so  very  sweet. Lane was  also dirty  so  very  dirty  I  really loved him.  Elle  was  a great  character  and  I connected  with her  which is  something  I  struggle  to  do  with  heroines    all the time  but  I  totally understood her  struggle  to  trust  Lane   and  the  anxiety  she  felt at letting  someone in. Tropes  you might like.  Younger man/older  woman   (he’s  30, she’s  39)   Fake  fiancé  who  doesn’t love a  good  fake  fiancé  trope?  The  hate  sex  at  the  start of  the  book was   so hot, it  was  the   stuff   that hate sex  dreams  are  made of.  Lane  is  also a  Dom  who loves  control  and holy  shit  can  that man control me  anytime. He  can  also  spank me with a belt, I  do love  a  good  spanking…….in my books! Hehe.  While  I loved  the  dirty  sex   the  author  was  able make  an unbelievably  hot an  dirty  scene  so sweet  I   actually  said “aww” out  loud.  Also  the  fact  that   they  kept  saying  “I hate you” to one another  reminded me of  “okay?” “okay”  or   “as  you  wish”  If  you  don’t  get  either of  those  references  then  turn in  your  romance  readers  card. The  “I hate you”  was  Elle’s  and  Lane’s  version of this in my  opinion .  This  book was   basically about learning to  trust  and love  again, it  was also about  taking  risks  even though   it might  scary as  hell  not knowing  if  the other person  feels  the  same.   All of  this was topped  perfectly with  the  HEA had me  cheering  for them.

The  only thing  I  didn’t  like was  Elle’s  ex husband  he  was  a  total  dick and   I  wanted to  punch him  in the balls.  Also  the  way  her  family   handled  the break up of her  marriage   made me  angry  but  I am not  holding  that  against  the  book I just need to  vent,  you know  since I  can’t  ball punch  fictional  characters.

I  gave this   a  well deserved   5 stars on  good  reads.  This book  while part of  a  series  can be  read  as a  stand  alone.  This  book  is   priced  at  $4.99  And  as  always  Let’s  take  a look at  the  yummy cover  before  you  go.  Also  there is a little  bit about  the  first book under it.

So if  you are like me and  just  jumped into  this  series  will  notice  the  reference  to other  characters Marin  and Donovan (Spoiler: Donovan  is not   Elle’s  ex husband) and   their  connection to  Elle, which is  explained  in  By the Hour as  well as  in  Off  The  Clock,  but  when I  went looking  to see  what  the  first book ( Off  the Clock)  was  about I  found  that  it’s  Marin and  Donovan’s  story, and  how  that  relationship  came about.  It  immediately  went  on my TBR list.

I  will  admit  the list  price  has put  me off   $9.99  for  any  ebook  always makes me  think twice about, but none  the less it’s still on my  TBR list  until  a  price  drop  happens.