The Seduction of Viscount Vice- ARC Review

I  was  given a  copy of this  book  by the  publisher for  a  fair and honest  review.

Summary-  Proud Scot and Fallen co-owner, Lord Iain ‘Vice’ Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club’s hedonistic shows. Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and discovers the spy is Lady Mairi MacNair—the woman who long ago broke his heart.

Born an earl’s daughter but now a seamstress, Mairi has returned to London to help open a superior pleasure club to Fallen, and finally realize her dream of being the seductive leading lady. But when she discovers her main rival is Iain, the man she loved beyond reason and was forced to abandon, she is soon caught in a web of lies, secrets, and raw, scorching passion that time hasn’t dimmed…

  Review-    I had  read and  reviewed the  first  two  books  in the  Fallen  series.  All  three  books can be  read  as a  stand alone and  in any order.  So  I  was super  excited to  get a  copy of this book.

This  book  picks up where  the last one  left  off in  that  they are in  middle of  a midsummers  eve  party  So  if  you  read  The  Devil’s  Submission  (which  omg  you  need to ….go  get it   now, I’ll wait.)  it’s  right  around  that  time frame. This  book about  Vice  who  is  the master and  star of  all  the productions  at  Fallen, in other words  he loves  to  fuck on stage  and  be watched, he  certainly  had my attention.  Some  years  ago  Viscount  Vissen  or  Vice  fell  in love  with  Lady Mairi MacNair  who is  the  daughter  of  an  Earl,  he  was love  while  Mairi  just  wanted  an  out from her  engagement to some other  lord and  used  Vice  to  ruin her  which  didn’t  go  as  planned  so  she  ran off  to Paris.

Years  later  she’s  returned  and  is  spying on  Fallen  only to be  caught  By  Vice  and this  when  things   heat  up.  I  will say  this  anytime  the  heroine   threatens  or  latterly  smacks  some  sense  into the hero   I  am   all  for it.  Lady  Mairi   kneed  him in  the  balls….  Now  you might  think  that is  brutal, and  yes  it  is  but  I  kind of  love   when something like  that   happens between  the hero and heroine.  The  friendship  in this  book is   just amazing,  you have  female  friendship, Grace and  Eliza   meet  Mairi  while they  out  shopping  and  are instantly like “you’re one of us now, so you are coming to dinner”  and  the  male  friendship/brother like  bond  between  Sin, Devil  and  Vice  is  just wonderful  I loved it  so much  and  I can   picture them  years from  now as  old men  sitting around  gossiping.  So  if  this  is  your thing  then  this  book has  it.

I really  wish  this  book had more  sex  in  it,  there I  said it.  The sex they  had  in front of  the  window…. Oh yes you  read  that  right.  It  was  hella  hot and  sexy  and I need more.  Over  all this  book  was  good and I gave it  5  stars on  goodread.  I  was  however  slightly  disappointed  because  I  wanted a little more,  so  I went  back and looked up  the  lengths  of  each  book

Surrender  to  Sin was  107 pgs long- admittedly not  my  favorite  book in the series  but  I liked it

The  Devil’s  submission   was only  83 pgs  long.  How  could  this  be???  This  book was  everything!

The Seduction of  Viscount  Vice  is  also  107 pgs.   As well.

This  is  what  happens  when a  book  or  novella  is  good, I  mean  really good   it  can  never be long enough.  Because you  never  want  it  to end.

This book   is  $1.99   which is  perfect  price   if  you  are  just  jumping  in to  the series and   don’t  want  to  break  your  book  budget,  But  trust me  you  will  end  up wanting to read  the  entire  series.



 Congratulations  to Lisa  Brown  for   winning a  copy of  Valerie Bowman’s   Never Trust A Pirate!

Tangled in Sin *ARC Review*

I was given Tangled in Sin by Lavinia Kent for a fair and honest review.


Lavinia Kent is a new to me author and after looking her up this book is   this book is part of a series that can be read out of order. It would be the   what looks like the fourth book and there are two novellas.  I ended up buying the series and one novella.


Here is a quick rundown of the story. Lady Cynthia Westhope   otherwise known as Sin goes to visit her friend   Jasmine who is the daughter of a duke and now Madame of a very posh brothel because she had a baby out of wedlock.  After leaving from of the   visits Sin   get adducted and taken to secluded cabin by her captors which they then promptly   leave her.  When suddenly Jasmine’s brother shows up (he’s not the heir   just a second son) and bangs on the door to let him because there is a raging storm outside.   James is the   one who had Sin kidnapped   thinking it was Jasmine he wanted to talk some sense into his sister but unfortunately   the wrong girl got kidnapped.  No matter   though!  He thinks she’s a prostitute and that suits him fine since what does one must do while waiting out a storm, right?   James’s doesn’t recognize Sin and she plays along with it…. Because why not? So, they end up sleeping on the floor together to keep warm and of course what happens?  You guessed it sleep sex!  While   Sin thinks it’s a    wonderful dream (she’s been in love with James for years) But then she wakes up and chaos ensures.  Once James   realizes who she is    he’s all we must get to married but naturally like any good heroine she wants to marry for love not just because.  But that   does not stop her from her wanting to “experiment” this is their words not mine.


Okay so my biggest thing with this book is I promised the hero liked whips and chains, and I did not get my whips and chains…. I am not very happy about that.   I found this book to be interesting, true there were some parts that made me roll my eyes but over all I did like it.

Firstly, what you might like this is a historical erotic romance, forced proximity   and friends to lovers as the hero and heroine were childhood friends.

I personally am always on the lookout for a good historical erotic/ erotica romance.   What I liked about this book is   naturally the dirty talk the hero was very, very good at this and not mention he   did some the things he said.  Normally when I read romance novel the hero alludes to all the dirty nasty things he wants to do the heroine but sometimes there is anal sex (he only alluded to it but it didn’t happen) However the other nasty, dirty things he did do Just had me sitting up and taking notice!  Because I have never   personally seen this kind of sex in a historical.  I’m sure it’s out there and but I have never seemed it.  There was also some mutual tying up (not with chains) also there is some roleplaying between the two and a sexy sponge bath that happens after a mud fight.  Also, it is   extremely clean that the hero is an ass man or he just might be obsessed with her ass I’m not sure.  Also, the heroine was   super nosiness which got her into trouble…. I could relate.

What I didn’t like about this book.  Sin tried and tried to come off strong but she was just   flighty at times which was annoying and I wanted to shake her.  James didn’t want her to talk   during sex…. Made it a little meh for me   because I love dirty talk and up until this point   he was bringing in it! Then he was all don’t   speak you’ll ruin it, dude really?    Next thing is when she finds out what James has done she runs away from …. back to his sister….at the brothel, where she then stays the night.  Because naturally.   So, then she dresses up like a prostitute and   goes off to explore the brothel, basically almost getting   caught by some guy who wanted to buy the brothel   before Jasmine.  This guy thought   Sin was a married woman come to learn new tricks to please her husband, he was going to   drag her   out into the streets and ruin her. Which I feel would have served her right for   just wondering around with basically no purpose other than be like “oh, look an orgy   lovely” or “oh a room filled   silk scarfs and   pillars, nice!”    that wasn’t how it went but you   get the idea.


Surprisingly  this book  tackles the issue of  consent  with  slight nod  to  women’s  rights,  with  the  hero  at  times being  slightly  overbearing   our   heroine  constantly  reminds  him,  that    she   does not  want  to be  shackled to him  ( she  does  but she  wants   a love  match with him)  She  also   has him  explain  the   sex acts  he  wants  to  do with her  in  detail  and  tells him what  he  can and  can’t  do.

For the list price of $4.99   it’s not a bad book but if you can get on sale   then I would say it’s must.

This earned 4 fours from me for the dirty talk (yay!)  the sex, interesting story line and cover.