Review policies



I  will gladly  review  any  book  that  is  either  Historical  Romance ( which I prefer)  or  Erotic  Romance  as  these are my  preferences However,  I  will consider  any  book  submitted  for  review . But I  will not  review  anything  written in  the  first  person or  YA, or  that  are  cliff hangers/serials . All stories must  have a HEA.

If  I  take  on a  review   please  know  the  following

  •  If  you want  the  review  done  before  the  release   date  please  state so  when contacting me, this  way I can  give it  top  priority.
  •  If  for  any reason  I  cannot  finish  the  book ,  I  will contact  you. I  will not  post  a  review  of  any kind as  I  feel  it  unfair   to  review  something  that  was never  finished. ( this  does not  apply  to  books  that I  buy on my  own)
  •  All  reviews  are  given  fairly and  are my own  opinion
  •      I  post  reviews   are  posted to my  blog. And sometimes  goodreads  although I  will gladly  post  reviews   upon  request.  All  reviews  will  get  a  star  rating  there  regardless.